Our Customers

Barbara Heinzman and Gladys

Barbara Heinzman and her mother, Gladys, with bunches of Garden Treasure

OUR MISSION IS TO PROVIDE THE HIGHEST QUALITY PEONY AND TREE PEONY CUT FLOWERS commercially available to wholesalers, large florists, and major event companies.

We like to establish long-term working relationships with our customers. We want to work with customers who consistently purchase large quantities of a wide selection of our varieties.

During the harvest season we have to concentrate on harvesting, processing, storing, and shipping each variety at the peak of its quality. Therefore, we do not have time to accommodate small users with special orders.

Garden Treasure

Garden Treasure on its 2nd day in the vase after 4 weeks dry storage in our refrigeration facilities


Exclusive variety Basia named after Barbara (Basia is Polish for Barbara)