Picking Stage

Bouquet of Andrew Dale

Bouquet of Andrew Dale on its 4th day in the vase

PICKING AT THE CORRECT STAGE is more of an art than a science and requires attention to detail and knowledge of each variety. We have found that with dry storage at temperatures about 33°F – 34°F in a cooler designed to avoid dehydration even varieties that are picked quite soft will store well, perform well, and have a satisfactory vase life.

Some of our peonies – particularly our herbaceous single, semi-double, and Japanese varieties, and our tree peonies – must be picked relatively soft to assure development into high quality cut flowers. Therefore, most of these varieties will open very quickly upon rehydration. This makes them ideal for high-end special events. Not only do these varieties tend to have more exotic colors and flower forms than many well known double varieties, but they also are easier to manage for special events because they do not require several days to develop into first class flowers.

Some double herbaceous varieties can take from 1 – 3 days at room temperature to fully develop in the vase. The time required for full blossom development must be taken into account before the arrangements can be made.

Eric William - 2nd Day

Bouquet of Eric William on its 2nd day in the vase

Eric William - 4th Day

The same bouquet of Eric William on its 4th day in the vase